Thursday, May 27, 2010

NIAGARA GLEN - Bouldering in Ontario!

The Niagara Glen is the most developed bouldering destination in Southern Ontario and is rightfully one of the best! Over seven hundred problems lie in the forest up river from the falls carefully tucked away from the insane tourists looming everywhere you look. The atmosphere is quiet the opposite, a beautiful setting with tons of high quality sandstone boulders with only climbers about. The only downside to this area is the access, in past years some problems have arisen but as of right now only the roped climbed is banned. Treat this place well and it will be around for the years to come. If you live in Ontario are around, it is a great place to stop en route to places like The Red River Gorge or such.

Here is the fabulous 'NIAGARA GLEN BOULDERING GUIDEBOOK' for your pdf printable pleasure. Please tread lightly and help us enjoy this area for years to come!

Guidebook: The Glen Bouldering Guide


For those who like a little drum and bass..........
I have been listening to a few songs latley that have really got my attention. Nothing like some upbeat music to put a smile on your face. Kinda something to get us looking forward to the music festival season! See you out there! ENJOY!

Song: When I Return - SHAPESHIFTER

Song: Only Two Can Play - HIGH CONTRAST

Song: Last Jungle - SUB FOCUS

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rock Climbing In Kamloops!

Roche Lake is a great granite rock climbing area located 30 minutes south of Kamloops. It has great quality rock and aesthetic climbing that tends to be steep, pumpy and long. Recently I have spent some time here and I had a hard time getting good beta, so......I have compiled a good guide with pictures that should sort you out for this really good climbing crag. I just really think it's worth the drive if you live in Revy, Kelowna or the area. Although there doesnt seem to be many routes, there is not many climbs here that are not worth getting on. A really cool spot that tends to be a little nice on those warm days. Camping spots everywhere.

Link: Roche Lake Guidebook

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Been waiting for this album for a while! NAS & DAMIAN MARLEY have been on tour together for a few years now performing an awesome blend of reggae/hip hop/rock/upbeat music. Their new album has a really positive vibe to it and some really good songs that are easy to dance/bob your head to!
Here are a few from their album DISTANT RELATIVES to get your spirits up!

Song: Nas & Damian Marley - Friends

Song: Nas & Damian Marley - Africa Must Wake Up

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Climber's Access In British Columbia

Here are some very great sites with lots of important information for the B.C climbing community. They are a part of trail building, sustainability, access, bolting funds, etc... So important these days. I feel that we have a tremendous amount of wealth as far as wilderness goes, and it is sooo important that we keep it this way. I encourage climbers to become involved and support their work! Happy spring climbing!

Link: Squamish Access Society

Link: British Columbia Access Society

Bouldering On Vancouver Island!

If you were ever on your way to or from Tofino and you were wondering if there was climbing nearby, look no more! Sutton Creek Boulders offer an awesome granite bouldering experience with a very quick approach right from the highway. There are only 50 problems recorded at this point, but from what I hear the potential in the area is enormous, bring your brush and have at it! This place looks super fun with quick drying, sunny exposure and lots of cool looking boulders! Included here is a very good pdf topo that should be good to get out! ENJOY!

Topo: Sutton Creek Bouldering Guide