Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yet another musical installment to the page! I just keep looking for more good music and I keep on being pleasantly suprised. There seems to be so much good original music out there keeping me interested  it's hard to keep up! Here are some recent tracks that should make you smile, I hope you like them, Enjoy!

The Temper Trap -
An awesome indie band from Oz
Track: Down River

Pete Philly & Pequisite -
An great hip hop/soul/nujazz duo from Amsterdam
Track: Mystery Repeats

Pearl Jam -
I really love this song, Eddie Vedder and PJ still got it
Track: The Fixer

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Cougar Canyon Bouldering Guide!

After a whole bunch of scrubbing, rock moving, exploring and trail marking, almost 20 new problems have been unearthed and a whole new area has been introduced. The bouldering in Cougar Canyon close to the city of Vernon has recently become one of the better bouldering areas in the Okanagan, with high quality problems, pretty good landings and tons of potential it just keeps coming. For those in the area who have took a wander down in the bottom of the canyon, you must of seen the amount of rocks, it just took a keen eye and a little effort.

Included here is a small guide I have finished that is a printable little book. When you print the document, print page 1 on its own, then print pages 2-12 on the two sided page option. The pages are all set up so when you fold them it becomes a book, throw some staples in it and you have a sweet little guide book. Hope everyone enjoys it! Bring your pads and brushes and see you out there! Oh ya did I mention, most of the bouldering stays in the nice cool shade down here, so it should be a great spot in the summer heat!!!!

Guidebook: New Cougar Canyon Bouldering Guide

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kamloops Rock Climbing!

A local of the Kamloops area scene has put together an awesome printable guidebook that encompasses the two main areas, Roche Lake and The Beach, and another smaller crag called Prickly Pear canyon. Been waiting for this one for a while. The Beach is a great place to climb in the heat as it is quite sheltered from the sun, the rock here is somewhat solid basalt and there are tons of moderates with an awesome view! Roche Lake on the other hand has many tougher routes on granite rock that will keep you pumped, the quality of the climbing here is super good! Lots of other great activities nearby as well, whether it be paddling on the Thompson river or biking the areas many awesome downhill trails, Kamloops is worth a visit! ENJOY

Link: Kamloops Rock Climbing Guide