Thursday, October 28, 2010


A Couple of Shots That Are Getting Me Psyched for the Ice And Snow!


Keeping us climbers at bay during the winter can prove to be hard for some. Many go on big roadtrips, some resort to the plastic and others somehow get a kick out of climbing frozen waterfalls.
Although the routes might not be as huge as in the Rockies, Ontario and Quebec definitley have their share of Ice Routes. With a few good weeks of good solid cold each season there seems to be enough around to keep everyone busy.

Although there are many more routes than listed here, these two guides should get you out on some of the consistent(good) climbs in the Ottawa Valley near Gatineau, Calabogie, Madawaska and some of the surrounding areas.

Not included in these guides but well worth getting to are:
Bancroft/Eagles's Nest
Schooner Lake
Bon Echo
Brule Lake
Diamond Lake

Here is a GREAT link to some downloadable guidebooks and some great information on Ontario Ice Climbing:

They are all within a few hours drive of Ottawa and I will try to collect the information I have and make it into a printable document within a few weeks.

Along with the Quebec section (look for it on the webpage), hopefully, there is enough information to sort you out. Enjoy the up and coming winter season!!

Ottawa/Gatineau Ice:
Ottawa Valley Area Ice Guide
More Ottawa Ice Climbing

Madawaska Area Ice:
Madawaska Area Ice Guide


Heavy Metal is one of many forms of music that can get you pumped. Here is an installment of a few bands that I think are truly awesome. ENJOY!

3 Inches Of Blood:
Rejoice In The Fire Of Mans
Forest King

Dragon Force:
Valley of the Damned

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Road Trip To Ontario!

I dont ususally post many of my personal missions on here but this time I guess it's an exception.
Off to Ontario in my friends 4runner for a few weeks to visit family and climb in north-western Ontario.
I keep hearing about all these routes being put up over the last few years, and it has me psyched. Sweet granite cracks overlooking lakes in a very unique wilderness environment. We plan for the Kenora area to a place called Gooseneck Rocks then off to Thunder Bay to the Sleeping Giant? And maybe even some Bon Echo once at home and finally some Luskville in Gatineau. Oh ya did I mention lots of wine and turkey! Still up in the air but the weather is looking good for some colourful fall climbing. Hope everyone had a sick year on the rock and look forward to seeing you all on the ice. I'll include a couple of sweet photos of the northern Ontario climbing/area..................