Thursday, May 30, 2013

Slightly Stoopid.....

An amazing group of musicians that have really perfected their sounds of reggae, rock, funk and many other styles into one of my personal favorites. Their newer album Top of the World is among their best. They recently recorded a live jam/session that will now become my soundtrack for the summer! Check it out, listen or buy it, it's really good. And if you havent heard them before this is your chance. Have a beautiful chill and sunny summer!!!



Nelson Bouldering on Facebook

Climbing high above the tracks and the Grohman Boulders
Ladybird Roof!

With tons of potential and already many great problems Nelson & the West Kootenays provide a great bouldering experience. I created a Facebook page for everyone to congregate that is open to anyone with an account.

This will hopefully be a great place to search for partners, beta, topos (will be uploaded direct to Facebook for a quick and free download), and post photos, etc..

Here is a printable photo topo (directions) to the wonderful 'PASS CREEK' Bouldering area near the Slocan Valley 45 minutes from Nelson as well! Mostly tougher climbs here V4 and up but the Ladybird Boulder located directly beside Ladybird Creek, 2 seconds from the car is a destination in itself (Photo topo included as well!) High Quality!!!

And a big thank you goes out to Marcus Norman from Calgary for all the great info and beta! (That's his photo topo!!!)

Enjoy it out there!


From the pullout on the left walk back 10m to a cairn and piece of flagging directing you down to the creek and the Ladybird Boulder.... hard to miss.


1 - Ladybug Traverse - V2 ** 
Start far left on the face on two good holds then traverse to your right eventually out onto the lip and finish on the arete (note: a project continues past the arete and climbs the whole lip to the far right). Good warm-up!

2 - Ladybird Roof Left - V5 **
Start the same as the 'Ladybird Roof' problem but bust out to the arete on nicer holds and a juggier finish.

3 - Ladybird Roof - V7 ***
Start with a crimp and a sloper down low in the cave, now work your way out and right through a few fun sequences and a tough move right before the lip. Finish up and right. Excellent Quality! 

4 - Babylon - V9 ***
Another great problem requiring some tension filled moves. Start down low and the gain the nice slopey rail to a couple of small edges and a final chuck for the lip!

5 - Ladybird Roof Crack - V5 **
Start deep in the cave and climb the obvious off-width roof crack, burly!!!

Note: There are also a few more problems that have been done on the far right of the cave and there is a project going straight up the middle as well as some other on the mellow face on the far left. These have not been included to to lack of proper info....

Some boulder piling has been done recently to help with the creek waters that filter under the cave, feel free to add to this to make for a better landing. :)

Jason working 'Late For The Party' V7 at the Pass Creek Boulders

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recommended Route!

Recently I got on a fantastic 3 pitch route at Kinnaird Bluffs in Castlegar, B.C called Hail Mary. The climbing was adventurous considering that you were looking down on a wannabee suburbia development. There was bomber gear the whole way and it took some fun route finding while en route to spot the right crack (the were many running vertically down the wall). Climbed and graded many years ago, expect mostly 5.8 climbing with a couple of thoughtful (5.10a) moves and you'll be alright. All the belays are bolted, the rock is good and the climb hosts tons of fun jams, stems and even a ringlock crux. All in all a fantastic climb with some great positions!

The one correction I'd like to add is that in the guide the directions say to start at the far parking lot on the dirt road and walk along a trail at the base of the cliffs but going this way is really long and there is no trail anymore (if there was ever one). I recommend spotting the cliff (and the gravel lot underneath it) just off of 37th St, park down on the dirt road mentioned in the guidebook but instead walk back down the road to the gravel lot (between 2 houses) and up the scree to the cliff. From the end of the scree a faint trail leads to a cleared gear up spot amongst all the bush under the big roof! This brings the total walking time to a mellow 10 minutes instead of a 35 minute bushwack (while trying to avoid poison ivy) but all the while still trying to keep a low profile. :)

The Route:
Start in a blocky left facing corner feature immediately to the left of the giant roof (the only possible place to gear up). Once past the corner keep moving right on a good ledge (bring long slings) and up a really nice vertical finger to hand crack and arete, belay from a nice alcove/ledge, 30m. Second pitch; Climb the open book corner feature to a cruxy bulge (a little tree is still growing here) and another comfy belay alcove, 30m. Third pitch; Move left on to the face and climb the vertical cracks to where the cliff ends! 25m.

5.8 - Trad - Gear to 4"
3 Pitches - 75m ***

Monday, May 20, 2013

Grohman Boulders - Nelson, B.C

On The Axe V3 at the Cave Boulders

Grohman offers a wonderful, high quality, granite bouldering experience very close to Nelson. Included here is a link to a brief topo to get you climbing at this great area (and some fun pics as well!). Have fun and happy climbing!!

Nelson Bouldering Facebook Page - Grohman Guidebook Free Download

Walking back
Track Crack V0
Good views back towards Nelson

Saturday, May 4, 2013

GOTHAM CITY - Nelson, B.C - Rock Climbing

Today was a great summery day here in Nelson, so we decided to go check out this wonderful little secluded crag called Gotham City near the little town of Ymir. If you are looking for a good days worth of friendly sport climbing not far from town, then this is the place.

Hidden down amongst the trees right off the highway in a quiet spot, Gotham City hosts 13 great little sport routes on very well featured rock. The highest being about 15 meters, all the climbs pack a lot of fun in a very short time. There is something for everyone here from 5.9 to 5.11a with a bunch of great steep, sustained climbs around the 10a-10d range. The rock varies from granite, to basalt and even a little limestone-ish stuff near the bottom of the Bat Wall. All the climbs are bolted well and have great stations accessible from a trail that leads to the top that makes for some very easy top roping. Keep in mind this is a new area and of a fractured nature. Expect loose rock and some little blocks coming off time to time. Again a wonderful area that faces south and makes for a great day 20 minutes from Nelson.

Thanks to Shaun King from Mountain Sense for the development of the area! (All of the FA's are credited to S.King as well 2011)

From the 4-way stop in Nelson (reset your odometer) at the end of Baker St. follow Highway 3A south towards Salmo. You will pass the turnoff to Whitewater at 11.6kms, keep driving and after a few minutes you will end up at a big straight stretch of road. At the end of this straight strectch you will see the Hall Siding Crag on your right at about 18kms. Pass this crag and drive another 500m to 18.5kms where you will see a grassy pullout/field on your left with an ashphalt cairn. Park here but be careful of the lip on the curb for a low-clearance vehicle, especially on the way out. Now walk back on the powerline cut road (north) to a little uphill and a small rock step on your right. Turn sharply to the right here following cairns and pink flagging tape into the forest where a nice trail leads you down to the crag. A total of about 10 minutes from the car.


bat WALL

1 - ALFRED - 5.6 - SPORT - 4 BOLTS - 12M
A good beginner lead or solo, big holds!

2 - BRUCE WAYNE - 5.8 - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 12M 
Climb the corner/arete on some big features

3 - THE JOKER - 5.10A - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 14M *
Climb the fun, juggy overhang and finish just left of the roof

4 - BATMAN - 5.10C - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 15M ***
Climb up some more basalt jugs with cool pinches, make some big moves through the roof and it's over. Fun climb!

5 - THE DARK KNIGHT - 5.10D - SPORT - 6 BOLTS - 15M *
A direct start to 'Batman', a few small holds leave you more pumped by the time you hit the roof.

6 - CATWOMAN - 5.10D - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 15M **
A cruxy/bouldery start through some limestone-y rock that will make your arms tired and then into a juggy finish up the steep little corner feature. Good!

7 - THE RIDDLER - 5.10B/C - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 15M ***
Great incut holds that lead into a hard (especially if your short) transition into the corner. Flowy climbing to the top, real good!

Climb up good holds and pull the wild roof, easier climbing ensues.

robin WALL

1 - HOLY SMOKES BATMAN - 5.9 - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 15M *
Climb the nicely steep featured face on the far left. Nice warm-up

2 - BOY WONDER - 5.10A/B - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 15M ***
Climb the steep arete to a wild layaway move midway. A fun thoughtful climb!

3 - TWO FACE - 5.10A - SPORT - 5 BOLTS - 13M *
Hard to start without straying off on another climb but the rest of the route climbs well

4 - BAT GIRL - 5.10A - SPORT - 4 BOLTS -12M
Climb the blocky (some sketchy stuff here) corner to a cool transition through the roof and onto the upper arete/face

5 - DICK GRAYSON - 5.9 - SPORT - 4 BOLTS - 12M
Climb the short face on the far right with some good features

Monday, April 8, 2013

ELLISON Provincial Park New Climbing Guidebook

A cumulative effort of 3 years of climbing at Ellison Park and all the great times I had down there on Okanagan Lake I leave this guide as a testament to the my love for the little climbing area with lots character! Farewell Vernon........

2013 - Ellison Guidebook: The Guide

And a few photos of all the good times!!!

Brandon Rollin coming up the classic 'WhoDUNNIT 5.8'

A typical night session evening

Me putting together the pieces on 'Rockin in the Free World 5.12b'

Josh Ververda session the 'Traverse'

Summer sesh at the boulder traverse at 'Lakeside Cliff'

Me on the 'Beach Boulder'

John Dyck heading up 'BUTLER 5.10b'

Cody Thompson on the 'Traverse'

Me on the 'Traverse' solo

Top of 'WHODUNNIT 5.7' and stoked (late October)

Me bolting the 'DARK KNIGHT' 5.10+

Okanagan Bouldering

Author on 'The Mistress V10' at Cougar Canyon

A fellow route developer/guide book author/avid climber Andy has put together a wonderful blog about Bouldering in the Okanagan, I will let it do the talking, but needless to say if you need any info or have any questions this is where to look! There is also lots of route updates on here!!

The bouldering is really good in the Okanagan valley and it just keeps on getting better, with new routes/problems going up all the time, this should be on the must visit list for all the boulderers out there!

The Blog: Okanagan Bouldering PAGE

Okanagan Bouldering Areas

Raven Wall - WATERLINE, Castlegar, B.C

A real gem as far as cragging goes here in the West Kootenays, Waterline is a place where good climbing and variety come together and produce some of the most aesthetic rock climbing around. This will be the first of a few installments of photo topos that describe a certain concentration of routes at Waterline that are worth checking out.

This weeks topo I'm nicknaming the "NEW WAVE" which is a combination of steep & powerful routes all stacked together that remind me a little of the Wave at Skaha a little. Located in the of the Raven Wall, the routes go from 5.10d - 12b, all powerful and all amazing. If these climbs were closer to a major city, this place would be crowded. Waterline is a spring/fall crag that faces south west with quick access in a peaceful setting minutes from downtown Castlegar.


1 - LIEUTENANT - 5.10d - SPORT - 22m ***
Pronounced 'loo-ten-ten' Amazing laybacks, big holds that lead to a surprise crimpy finish. Really good!
2 - BLACK BIRD - 5.12b - SPORT - 24m **
Gain the steep prow like feature, take a no-hands rest and crux through the roof. Toughest one here!

3 - FEATHER QUEST - 5.12a - SPORT - 24m **
Climb the fun technical face to a overhanging jug haul and an easier finish. You could bring a small cam to supplement the run-out up top.

4 - RAVING WITH THE RAVEN - 5.12a - SPORT -  23m ***
Steep and powerful climbing up to a big roof (awesome) and a left facing corner feature. Very good climbing!

5 - SUPER GROVER - 5.11b - SPORT - 20m ***
Start with some balancy moves separated by big holds and nice rests, climb up into the big roof corner, exit right and finish on an amazing jug haul!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shapeshifter - New Zealand, Electronic Music Masterpiece

Shapeshiter is a combination of many different styles of electronic music, their sound is so original and powerful its hard not to enjoy! I have put up a few links to their new songs for all to enjoy!

Cant wait for the new album...... these songs are unreal.....

Link: Shapeshifter - Band Camp




Thursday, April 4, 2013

Soul Chef - New Zealand HIP HOP

Some great sounds coming from this man, hailing from Auckland, New Zealand this guy spins lots of instrumental type beats and works with some other mc's such as K-Wiz (Hy-Definition). Thought I would share my love for hip hop by showing people what it supposed to sound like. ENJOY!

RFW Wall - ARROW LAKES, Castlegar

The RFW Wall (Recreation, Fish & Wildlife, named after a program at Selkirk College) is another really cool little crag with a more traditional/mixed theme in the vicinity of Scotty's Marina.  It offers some really neat routes that require some tension filled liebacking and committing moves. Yet another addition to this area where all the routes are worth doing. It is located a little further and up from the road (4.5 minutes) which makes the noise of any traffic not as noticeable and the views awesome. Bring a rack to 3" with emphasis on smaller nuts and cams.

ACCESS: As you approach Castlegar from Nelson, follow signs pointing you towards Syringa Provincial Park & Robson. Turn onto Broadwater Rd. and follow this past the Pulp Mill & the Dam on Arrow Lake. Now follow the road a few more km's until you hit Scotty's Marina, keep going a little further and just past the Marina you will see a big boulder on the beach (left) and a bigger boulder on your right. Park at the pull on the left, cross the road and take the trail beside the big boulder up through the forest for about 4.5 minutes to where you will see the crag. Routes are described left to right.


1 - THIMBLEBERRY - 5.9+ - GEAR to 3" - 20m **
Scramble up a ramp (5.5) to a really nice ledge where a #3 Camalot will provide you with a beautiful piece of belay protection. From the belay surmount the bulge to where you are greeted with a beautiful layback crack (5.9+), progress from here eases substantially.

2 - FLUSH CUT - 5.10d - MIXED - 4 Bolts + Gear to .75" - 21m **
Starts from the same comfy belay as 'Thimble' but take the next open corner to the right. Climb the desperate seam into some steeper terrain and a crimpy bolted finish. Bring lots of small (micro if you can) gear.

3 - HORASHIO - 5.10a - MIXED - 2 Bolts + Gear to 2" - 24m **
Start down low at a really nice open book corner. Climb the corner/ramp with great nut placements to a bit of a ledge. Take the left (steeper) crack up the corner to where you are greeted with some really sweet jams and laybacking and a final bolted face.

4 - TWO PIN CORNER - 5.10c - GEAR to 2" - 25m **
Start up the same corner/ramp as 'Horashio' but at the ledge head into the right trending corner. Finger tip laybacking & some serious stemming will see you past the two pins to where some bigger holds greet you up higher. A fun tension filled route!

5 - LA FEMME FROMAGE - 5.10c - MIXED - 4 Bolts + Gear to 2" - 25m *
Start in the small corner just to the right of 'Two Pin' where some small gear will help you reach the bolted face. Climb up through crimps and finish on 'Two Pin'.

Zebra Wall - ARROW LAKES, Castlegar

The Arrow Lakes climbing area holds yet another fine south facing crag here that really has a nice concentration of good climbs in spitting distance from your car and the lake. The whole wall is full of these basalt dykes (read: full of jugs) that run vertically down the wall mixed in with the gneiss that make for some really nice climbing. There is almost something at every grade and the easier routes are bolted really well and the climbing is quite friendly, making this a nice casual spot to run laps.

Included here is a nice little photo & topo that should see you through. Thanks again to Vince Hempsall and Climbing the Koots for providing the online updates to the West Kootenay Rock Guide! Link: Rock Guide Update

ACCESS: As you approach Castlegar from Nelson, follow signs pointing you towards Syringa Provincial Park & Robson. Turn onto Broadwater Rd. and follow this past the Pulp Mill & the Dam on Arrow Lake. After a few minutes you will reach Scotty's Marina on your left, pass this, drive a few hundred more meters down the road and you will spot a small waterfall on your right (Waterfall Wall) and a nice little pullout on your right. Park here and walk 2 minutes further down the road to where you will find the Zebra Wall directly off the road on your right. Climbs are listed left to right.


1 - THE TEST - 5.10d - SPORT - 26m *

From an awkward start, (needs some maintenance) climb the blocky corner into some funky moves in the basalt, pull a small roof then transition into some really nice exposed face climbing.

2 - MERCENARIES - 5.10+ - SPORT - 27m ***

Climb an easy ramp of basalt then switch gears into some tricky face climbing. The climb is sustained and gets harder the higher you go! Very well protected and my vote for the best on the cliff!

3- MISSIONARIES - 5.9 - SPORT - 25m **
A sporty start through the roof or from the left (bolt) leads into a stellar basalt jug haul! Friendly!!

4 - MANIACS - 5.9+ - SPORT - 25m **

Climb the next vertical line of basalt on amazing jugs to a surprise finish on the gneiss.

5 - THIS IS SERIOUS MAN - 5.11b - SPORT - 23m **

Climb through the awesome crescent features on fingery liebacks and reachy moves. Gets harder the higher you go, tenuous!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cat Wall - ARROW LAKES, Castlegar

Recently there has been a ton of rock climbing development happening around the Castlegar area. As you drive out towards Robson and Syringa Provincial Park the cliffs appear and keep on appearing into view as you drive down the lake. Yes there is good climbing up there and yes there is room for tons more.

The cliffs and lines that have been developed are of very good quality and the access is very quick. They offer a very sunny aspect and good views that make for a great spring destination. Yesterday we were privileged to climb at Wapiti Wall & the Cat Wall. The Cat Wall is further from the road and offers some nice quiet, steep, exposed climbing on bolts and gear! Where as the Wapiti is 2 seconds from the car with a great mix of routes. I have done up a small topo with a good photo to the Cat Wall that hopefully will get some more people out and aware of the great climbing to be had here. There is a full topo/update to the area on that has been wonderfully put together by a few locals (that put up lots of the routes) that should sort you out! Thanks to those who have spent all the time developing and documenting this great area. Have fun~

ACCESS: As you approach Castlegar from Nelson, follow signs pointing you towards Syringa Provincial Park & Robson. Turn onto Broadwater Rd. and follow this past the Pulp Mill & the Dam on Arrow Lake. About 1km past the dam you will run into a red gate and a small road/pullout on your left (lakeside). Park here cross the road and follow cairns and tape on a cut trail through the forest, passing a few really nice boulders. The first wall you encounter is the Lower Cat Wall, take the right fork up and around to access the Upper Cat Wall (3 more minutes). Careful of loose rock, this is a newer area, I recommend a helmet!

Good easier routes here with a bit of loose dirty rock that could clean up nicely. Routes are described left to right.


The reason to come here! Steep exposed climbing with great views, a bit of everything. With some traffic this area will be great.

CAT BURGLAR - 5.12B - MIXED - 30M **
A steep, bouldery start pass some bolts leads you into a gear devouring crack. There are fixed draws up top and the climbing will demand your attention!

FELINE FINE - 5.10C - SPORT - 18M *
Start on the blocky corner/seam, clip bolts to your left then power through the face on tiny holds to a fun finish.

JIMMY - 5.10b - SPORT - 23m ***
A great sustained route with a nice flow. The finish is great! My vote for the best on the cliff.

DAISY - 5.10A - GEAR TO 4" - 22M 
The steep broken crack just right of the steep face. A wee dirty but could be great!

HAILEY SIMONE - 5.10B - MIXED - GEAR TO 2" - 20M **
Climb through the roof to the bolt protected face. Plug gear where you need it. Cool features.

CAT FIGHT - 5.10b - MIXED - GEAR TO 3" -  22m **
Climb through gear protected overhangs and corners to a bolt protected roof up top.

Nice intro lead on the very far right side of the wall, good stances through a cool corner with a bolt protected face to finish.

A Wildhorse Adventure

A Wildhorse Adventure - By: Allen Rollin

I could call this your typical Kootenay adventure, but where would the fun be in that. Being whisked away into Ski Land for an epic 4 day hut based ski touring adventure with 3 bros and a ton of snow with more forecasted to come sounds kinda normal ( for around here), but a unique Wildhorse adventure is what ensued, full of all kinds of experiences, twists, turns and great times not soon to be forgotten.

It all started with a scrumptious coffee at Nelson's day bar called Oso Negro, the meeting place and where the day's stoke often begins. From there a very snowy drive followed to the quaint village of Ymir just south of town. We crossed the bridge and started to drive up the snow filled Wildhorse Creek Rd. where even bigger snowflakes and coated cedars greeted our smiling faces. Tyler and Nick, our friendly escorts were busy digging out their snowmobiles and toboggans in preparation of our drive in. We piled our bags into one toboggan and jumped in the other, a combination of 2 toboggans strapped together with seats and a plastic shield to guard us from the fresh snow-wash of the snowmobile. The ride up was fantastic, 15kms of rolling forest service rd. to our first destination; the Cat.

We jumped into the cat and Wildhorse Cabin was our next stop. Tyler drove the cat while Nick was free to go slash some pow with the snowmobile while he waited for Tyler's return. He zipped off with a huge smile on his face as we plodded happily up the ridge to our destination. 30 minutes later we were deposited onto Wildhorse Ridge and the Wildhorse Cabin at 2000m with a load of fresh snow and a very high dose of stoke. We shook hands with Tyler and were left to ourselves for the next four days!

We didn't spend much time unpacking and instead opted to go skiing. The first afternoon was amazing, we basically could ski right out of our cabin into 30cm's of fresh blower. We got 3 runs in and orientated ourselves with our area and the ski possibilities. The hut itself was rustic but offered everything we needed. Beds, comforters, pillows, dishes, kerosene heater, tables, propane cooking stove and even a nice lantern that illuminated our little downstairs cave. We were to have the place to ourselves for the whole trip so we made ourselves at home. A big dinner and a couple of sips of whiskey later we were in bed excited for the big day to come.

Day two was the big day. We adventured into cloudy conditions where we were greeted with rhime on top of the more exposed slopes. We poked up into the Qua Peak area where we found some amazing north and east facing slopes. Our stability assessments and ski cuts produced small 10cm isloated slabs so we decided to stay out of the big alpine and instead skied some unbelievable open shots and glades. Our circuit seemed to be perfect we got 4 different runs in through cool larch forests and deep conditions. Our legs had just enough juice to make it back to the hut (we had to ski up 400m at the very end of the day back to the hut ) where our stomachs and thirst demanded quenching.

After a few drinks and an amazing curry dinner some serious Jenga playing ensued. The warmth of our hut, big day and our tasty Maple Whiskey sent us to bed early with a storm brewing outside.


We were all awoken at some point during the night by powerful winds that seemed like they were threatening to blow our hut down. When we thought it was over it kept on blowing without relent. No good sleep was had so by morning we were all a bit slow getting out of our comfortable bunks. Now came going outside to use our high tech outhouse. The wind was still blowing so furiously that with our little pit toilet missing a side, using the bathroom was quite a hilarious challenge.

On day three we were greeted by wind scoured slopes everywhere and it looked like all our fresh pow from the day before was all but non existent. Our first run was discouraging but once we poked around we discovered a wonderful north-east facing slope that offered up some great skiing that was helped out by the influx of another storm dropping tons of snow that afternoon. We retired to the hut early that day, rested up, had dinner and played some Yuker. A wonderful card game passed down through our eastern Canadian generations.

After a great sleep that night we were greeted by clear skies and fresh, dry snow the next morning. It seemed like a ending to good to be true. We packed up, cleaned up and set out early to get as much skiing in on our last day as possible in order to meet up with Tyler and the cat that afternoon for our ride out.

We skinned up a beautiful ridge right from our cabin to the summit of Wildhorse Peak where the skies broke and the sun showed its face. Stoke was high, the snow was light and fresh and I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Needless to say, our last day of skiing was amazing, it really topped off the whole experience. Once we were packed up we had still not communicated with anyone for a ride out so we left our big packs at the hut to be picked up by Tyler and skied down confusing cat roads and wonderful glades while it was copiously snowing to the snowmobile/cat meeting spot. On the way down we finally got a radio call from Tyler saying that he was just heading into the Qua Valley to drop off some more skiers to the Qua Hut (1 hour ski from our cabin, and it was already 3:30pm) and that we would have to wait at the cat meeting point for at least an hour. It was assuring to hear his voice and know that we were going to get picked up and not have to ski down the logging road 15km to the trucks.

We sat in the front cab of the cat trying to keep warm and in high spirits (which wasn't very hard) sipping the last of the whiskey and reminiscing of the good times we'd had the last four days. Once dark fell Tyler and the lights of his other cat glistened through the trees in the distance. We were going home. It turned out that Tyler was all by himself out in the wilderness and that he had blew a track on one of the cats (which he had to fix by himself) that afternoon, hence why we ended up departing in the dark. We rode down in the back of the cat 15km back to the trucks where we found them buried in the weeks snow. Tyler waited till we could dig them out, we shook hands, thanked him for the adventure and we all went on our way.

All in all it summed up to be one of the best skiing adventures I've ever had and I cant wait till the next one!!