Monday, March 21, 2016

GROHMAN NARROWS Bouldering Guide - Climbing in Nelson, B.C

Marcus Norman of Calgary on 'STEEL WHEELS' V5+ at the Track Boulders

Welcome to the full guide for the best Bouldering in the small city of NELSON, BC. Included here is the printable PDF Guide (free) that comes in two parts, the Photo Topos to go along with the guide (of mostly the classic lines) and tons of fun Photos to go along with it to fully stoke you up and give you an idea of the AMAZING granite climbing that this place offers. ENJOY!!

The Link to the Guide:

Scroll down for Photo TOPOS

Jarrad Monger on 'THE AXE' V3


Jarrad Monger climbing 'THE CRACK OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN' V3

Nick Seymour on 'MOTHER EARTH' V5

Allen Rollin on 'THE AXE' V3

Tomas Obraoin on 'THE AXE' V3

Allen Rollin on 'THE FORCE' V5

Hannah Roy climbing 'HIPPY CRACK' V4

Nick Seymour high on 'MOTHER EARTH' V5


High above the tracks at the TREE FORT boulders

Nick Seymour on 'HEAVY METAL' V5

Jason Nickel on 'HIPPY CRACK' V4

Allen Rollin crimping hard on 'CRIMPTONITE' V5/7

Splitter cracks!

Allen Rollin high on 'LAND OF THE LOST' V7

Greg climbing the super fun 'FORBIDDEN ZONE' V1


the cave boulders

tree fort boulders

darkside boulders

boxcar boulders

chainsaw boulders

nascar boulders

land of the lost boulders

tracks boulders

hippy boulders

mother earth boulders

the plant boulders

the hidden boulders

Greg Barnhouse on 'THE FORBIDDEN ZONE" V1

Allen Rollin on 'THE HIDDEN ROOF CRACK' V6